Blog post July 2023

Today we are working with some new buyers. They are a young couple.  First time home buyers. My favorite kind of client. The learning curve is substantial as it is with all first time buyers, but that is what makes working with them so rewarding. To help them achieve the dream of home ownership and walking them through the process to the next step in their lives is part of why we love what we do.

Over the next number of months, we will follow their process and hope that it helps others in their pursuit of the American Dream.

We meet with all of our clients in advance to determine what they are hoping to find in the way of a property, what their expectations are and what they actually want to spend. We also use this time to advise on what they can expect during the process.

If the client wishes to hire us as their real estate professional, then we complete the contract for us to represent them and get to work.