Holidays are over, home shows abound and folks are already preparing their homes for sale. Things you should know about the majority of buyers. They DO NOT WANT to have to do anything to make your home into their home. They do not want to clean, paint, repair, or landscape…think HOTEL. They want to walk in and unpack their bags and live happily ever after. If they cannot picture themselves living there, no sale.

Do not update without researching. Keep things neutral, do not over improve for your neighborhood. It is not about what you like, but what the masses want.

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. The cleaner the home, the more the impression that your home is well maintained.

Do not leave projects half done, for the same reason.

Declutter. Consider it prepacking. Clutter (even in closest and storage areas) gives the impression that you do not have enough storage or that the house is too small, even if the overall square footage is larger then any other homes.

Keeps walks and driveway as clear as possible. Simply you do not want someone viewing your home to fall.

All of your senses are engages when looking at a home.  Keep the house at a reasonably warm temperature. Get rid of unpleasant smells. Open blinds or turn on lights, or both.

Overall, most folks feel a house. It is typically an emotional decision. They know if it is NOT the house for them from the minute they step through the door. (sometimes before, due to curb appeal or neighborhood)  If it is not ruled out on site or immediately on entry, with every room they enter, it is another hurdle towards an offer.