Yes, a little plagerism from the Saratogian headline over the past weekend, but that really does sum it up well. If you are one of the lucky, you have managed to not only stay warm, but had water throughout the last few days. If you are one of the really unlucky, you have ended up shivering with frozen pipes, that may possibly shower you and your home with water the minute they start to thaw as it can be hard to tell if they have broken from the pressure of the water expanding when freezing until it is too late. The best solution is to plan to avoid these potential problems as they can have devistating consequences. Remember, that which does not get cold, does not freeze. Do not turn the heat down when you go on vacation. It is not worth a few dollars savings for bigger issues.  Open all interior doors including cabinets under sinks to allow heat to get to as many nooks and crannies as possible. Have someone check on your home if you are away, especially if it is cold, windy, rainy,  or there is a power outage. If you are staying home, a few electric heaters can make all the difference if your furnace stops or you have an area that is subject to freezing. Hopefully the groundhog will confirm an early spring.